It’s a Major Decision to Choose a Major in College

Once you have selected a college, the next major decision is to pick a major course of study. Before committing to such an impactful decision, ask yourself some questions, and then ask other knowledgeable people the same questions. Get the right answers that will ultimately point you in a suitable direction.

Why This Major?

Conduct an honest self-assessment of your interests. Realize what excites you, and what types of careers and jobs are appealing to you. Choose a major that you are interested in. Do not choose the course of study that your friends are taking, and do not choose based on the desires or career paths of your parents. This one decision has the power to affect the rest of your life, or at least a good portion of it, so make a wise decision.

Be honest with yourself, and make sure that this major will fully support your anticipated career path after graduation. Assess current job prospects, but also assess the potential job prospects that may, or may not, be available after graduation. Consider all of the various majors that can apply towards a particular career.

Requirements Of The Major

When a major initially appears exciting and inviting, take a look at what courses are required for that major. Realize and understand what your strengths and capabilities are. If there are more than just a few courses that you absolutely do not want to take, or feel intellectually incapable of taking, consider another major and save yourself from the despair and stress that comes along with poor grades.

What Do You Already Know About The Major?

If you do not already have a true comprehension of the major, conduct some independent research and find out more about it. If you already have some knowledge, still do more research. No matter what you already know on the topic, the learning process will undoubtedly become more difficult to fully grasp once in a college.

Take some involved courses in the field of study and test the waters before fully committing to a full college course schedule. Talk to someone who graduated with this major and has had, or has, a career in it, and talk to other students who have endured the courses and instructors.

Is Your College Strong Enough To Support This Major?

Take the time to review how many faculty members are assigned to the area of interest, and look at how many courses are offered for the related field. Research the faculty members to assess how many of them have advanced degrees in the subject, and make sure that the guidance and teachings offered are provided by those qualified to give it.

Final Step Is A Reality Check

Now is the time to genuinely evaluate all of the options, openly face any and all obstacles, and decide whether or not you have the ability to get past them. Narrow down the choices, highlight the seemingly best option, and then take it.